MLKP’s Ahmet Şoreş: ISIS’ weakness is that it is dealing with a force that is one with the people

Assessing the ISIS attack on Sina prison in January, MLKP’s Rojava representative Ahmet Şoreş appealed to the world: “For the oppressed masses to achieve their own freedom, self-government must prevail. People should show this through solidarity actions wherever they are, and by coming to participate in the practical construction processes of Rojava.” Ahmet Şoreş, Rojava […]

“Post-AKP preparations” – what are they good for?

Elections in Turkey have been stripped of any meaningful power under Erdogan’s fascist regime. The revolutionary-democratic point of view therefore conceives the “post-AKP” period not as a particular election result, but as the formation of a union of people’s democratic republics – which can only be the product of the victorious antifascist struggle of the […]