Women’s freedom means women’s organisation

In the run-up to International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, it is the duty of socialist women to agitate for the organised struggle against the fascist assault on women’s rights.

2021 saw 285 women murdered, the Istanbul Convention thrown on the fire, and demands raised to usurp the rights of divorce and repeal Law 6284. 

The sentencing of Ayşe Gökkan to 30 years in prison for her defence the women’s freedom struggle; the investigation of Ezgi Mola and ETHA reporter Pınar Gayip for speaking out against the release of Musa Orhan, who raped Ipek Er and drove her to suicide; the dismissal of open sexism shown towards Nihan Yalçın at the Golden Orange Film Festival award ceremony; the branding of Çilem Doğan a murderer for acting in self-defence against her abusive husband and upholding of her 15-year sentence; the intense scrutiny of the private and the family life of Pınar Gültekin, who was murdered last year; these are just some among countless examples of the patriarchal-fascist regime’s accelerating war on women.

The women’s liberation struggle is the only frontline against the institutionalisation of male violence in misogynistic policies. It is the duty of socialist women to conduct agitation and propaganda among the women masses, to inspire their hope and determination and command their anger in organised struggle against the assault.

Slogans must be raised against the annulment of Law 6284 and attacks on divorce and alimony, widespread agitation conducted among working women masses against the regime, street presence and diversity of action increased. In short, political influence among the women masses must be transformed into organisational power and practical action. This effort will undoubtedly live and die by the successful combination of the sexual liberation struggle with antifascism in general. That unity, which can achieve its full potential only by identifying in practice the indissoluble link between violence against women and the political-Islamist character of Turkish fascism, by combining the struggles for gender consciousness and class consciousness, is essential to accelerating the destruction of the Palace regime.

The task of reestablishing women’s self-organisation, which has faltered in past years, and of recruiting women young and old, working and unemployed to the ranks of SKM (Socialist Women’s Assembly) organisations must be achieved with a high degree of energy, self-confidence and willpower. Existing relations should be consolidated as quickly as possible in education groups, social media groups, commissions to plan demonstrations and distribute literature; with regular meetings, breakfasts, workshops and other activities to maintain contact at home and work. New women must be recruited and existing recruits developed, and each kept in close touch with a concrete organisation. Only in this way can women cadres be developed and a strong organisation formed to lead the women masses.

The regime’s patriarchal designs can only be foiled by a reinvigorated women’s movement with close ties to the revolutionary-democratic struggle. When the spirit of rebellion among our women masses is met with organised power, the ground will shake beneath the Palace and the rotting pillars of fascism start to crumble and fall.